Sergey Bushnyak

Software Developer & Enterpreneur

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur. I'm interested in many topics related to science, engineering and industrial design. I believe in OSS and OSHW and truly support this movements whether I can.

I'm accomplished Telecommunications Engineer in Wireless Communications. That's why I'm cryptography, mathematics and physics enthusiast. I believe that software eating the world and think that DSP, SDR, SDN, CR concepts will absolutely prevail in the future. This is my area of interested, so you might find many related topics.

This site is home for my thoughts. For a long time, I wrote for different web portals and community sites. Now, I want to have all my work in simple, reliable format and have all my writings without censorship and restrictions. Based on OSS frameworks and instruments, running on my own servers.

Hope you find something interesting @


If you like to contact with me, write on or through your prefered social network.