Exploring Blockchains: Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT)

2017-09-25 | Sergey Bushnyak
Characteristics Description
Ledger type Public / Private
Performace High
Completness Immidiate
Examples Hyperledger, Chain

The PBFT protocol is very similar to DBFT, especially with regard to its more centralized nature. The only difference is that the first has a simpler implementation, and often works in a private environment with well-known participants.

When the validator receives a message, he must decide whether to believe him or not. To do this, it performs its checks and then polls all the other nodes in turn, whether the transaction is valid in their opinion. If ⅔ participants for this transaction, the node accepts it and sends its decision to the network for other validators. Thus, consensus is achieved on the basis of a confirmation that will be presented by all validators.

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