Ethereum notes: Staring out with smart-contracts

2016-07-02 | Sergey Bushnyak

In my last note I described how to setup private Ethereum blockchain on rpi or in the cloud with AWS and it’s time to start developing smart-contracts and dive into ecosystem. I have broad knowledge in software development and can easily transfer ideas between different programming languages, but if you’re a novice reader I would recommend to get familiar first with JavaScript, as programming language that is used for writing smart-contracts extremely close to it in structure


Solidity - Smart-Contracts language


Solidity as other languages without suffer from. My expectation that we’ll see more and more errors, static analyser for that language exactly. In my opinion, developers shoud concentrate on formal verification of smart-contracts, at least on low-level parts. And use languages with dependent types like Idris or F* to ensure contract correctness.

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